Top 5 Tips in Choosing the Best Eyewear for Running

Wearing sunglasses when running is essential in protecting your eyes and achieving your personal best while engaging in your favorite sport. But not all sunglasses are created equal. If you want to get the best protection you need from your eyewear, you must understand that your normal sunglasses can’t be worn during activities that requires more eye protection.

Some sunglasses are especially made to fit the needs of those who are into active physical activities such as running. These sunglasses are made to complement its owner’s lifestyle and enhance the performance of those who engage in running as well as other sports.

To help you find the perfect wholesale sunglasses to wear on your next marathon, here are some tips you should remember.

running sunglasses

Tip #1 – Go for the most comfortable fit

Most sunglasses store has a collection of glasses that are specially designed for running. The snug fit and wrap around frame of sports sunglasses are designed to keep it from falling off while you’re running and give you best protection from all angles. Always pick a pair of sunglasses that is made from solid metal with rubber tabs over the earpieces for extended comfort and grip.

Tip #2 – Consider having lightweight sunglasses

A lot of runners are hesitant when it comes to wearing sunglasses because of the fear of the discomfort that they may experience while running. However, there are lightweight wholesale sunglasses that can let you run comfortably without it getting in the way. Make sure to try and fit different pairs of sunglasses until you get the right sunglasses for you.

Tip #3 – Look for durable frames

As much as possible, you would want to look for the best pair of sports sunglasses and be able to wear it in a long period of time. Because of this, you may also consider buying sunglasses with composite frames that are designed to be highly flexible. In any case that it fall off your face while running, it will simply bounce on the floor or the treadmill, and absorb the impact without breaking.

Tip #4 – Have scratch free lenses

Sports sunglasses have protective layers that are extra sensitive compared to the usual sunglasses. In the event that your sunglasses fall off, you have to make sure that it won’t affect the quality of the protective coatings in your sunglasses. Ask your wholesale sunglasses store retailer about scratch free options to ensure the longevity of your sports eyewear.

With these useful tips, you can pick the right sunglasses you need to pursue running as a hobby or sports. Just remember to take extra care on your sunglasses and wear it every time you are running outdoors to keep you away from any possible eye injury.


How to Choose the Right Shoes: Tips and Tricks for Moms

Being a mom is not really an excuse to forget taking care of yourself and doing things to make you feel great. If you’ve been too busy switching from a dutiful mom and an accomplished career woman, it’s even more important to take some time off for that well deserved “me time”.

While you’re at it, why not reward yourself with a trip to a nearby wholesale shoe store or shoe boutique and get yourself a new pair of kicks. Take your friends with you and indulge in an exciting retail therapy.

Here are some of our tips on getting the most comfortable pair of shoes for your day to day mommy activities!


Right Shoes for Moms

Tip #1 Ballet flats can be your best friend!

Sneakers can be totally comfortable especially if you have little kids in tow, but there is other way mix comfort and fashion when it comes to your shoes. Ballet flats can help you run and chase around your little ones while still looking plush and fashionable. Look for flats with bow ties, studs or spikes for that chic and stylish look.

Tip #2 Have variety of Shoes

As a mom, you have to wear different hats everyday. Make sure your shoes can keep up with your busy sked by having different types of shoes in your closet. Keep two to three pairs of ballet flats, a pair of dressy sandals for late night dates with your hubby, mid high heels for office works and trendy pumps or booties for weekend parties. No budget for pricey shoes? Buy at wholesale shoe stores online to avail of great discounts!

Tip #3 Keep up with the trends

You may be already in your 30s or 40s but you can still look fashionable with the right choice of shoes to wear! Read mommy blogs, or have a monthly subscription of your favorite fashion magazine to get an idea on what to wear everyday. Recreate your day to day outfit by mixing and matching your clothes to fit your mood and lifestyle.

Tip #4 Don’t afraid of Colorful Shoes

Have you set aside your red shoes and filled your shelf with nothing but black shoes? Get yourself a wardrobe makeover and buy shoes in different colors. Bright and bold shoes can glam up even your most usual mommy outfit so make sure you have plenty of it inside your closet. No need for over the top accessories. Just slip on your trendy royal blue pumps or pastel pumps and you’re good to go.

Enjoy the gift of motherhood in a fun and trendy way. Look your best everyday and conquer the world one shoes at time!

Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Shoes She will Definitely Love

One of the most challenging parts of the Holiday season is getting the right gift for the women of your life. While each of them may be interested in whole lot of different things, we can conclude that they all share the love for one thing – shoes. So don’t stress yourself out thinking of the best thing to give her on that special day. Just go to a nearby wholesale shoe store in your area and purchase the most fashionable shoes for your special lady!

Here are our top picks of shoes that she will definitely love!

  1. Adorable Ballet Flats

ballet flats

I know how you love seeing your lady in high heels but she might be suffering from sprained toes after a long day of wearing high heeled shoes. Give her adorable pair of ballet flats so she can freely switch from her pumps into more comfortable footwear after enjoying a pleasant date.

  1. Reliable Wedges


Trendy wedge shoes are great option for ladies who have a busy lifestyle. Unlike stiletto shoes, wedge shoes have a heel that runs under the foot, from the back to the middle. It’s the go to shoes of most women who want to wear high heels but still want to be comfortable as much as possible.

  1. Boots for a Tough Day


Another thing that is totally adorable about women is their ability to look fashionable no matter what they do. If you love a woman who’s into doing volunteer works or someone who has her own business, she can definitely use some shoes that can keep up with her lifestyle. Give her gift that is both stylish and functional and earn an extra point for picking the best fit for her feet.

  1. Dressy Sandals for Special Occasions

dress sandals

Arrange a special date to celebrate the Holidays with your lady and surprise her by sending over a box of shoe that she can wear on your date. Pick up something that can be easily paired with her dresses. Feeling lost about what shoes to pick? Ask the help of her best friends or your sister to get the right pair of shoes for your special someone. Include a simple message together with your gift to make it more personal and romantic.

  1. Studded Sneakers


Some girls can just look effortlessly beautiful anytime of the day! If you found yourself one, you must be definitely lucky. If you admire a girl who looks stylish on blue jeans and sneakers, why not give your girl a fashionable pair complete with studs and spikes for an attitude and sass!

Make her feel extra special this holiday season by giving her something that she will surely love. Visit online wholesale shoe stores for the trendiest footwear for your lady. Take note of her style and preference to keep you guided on your gift shopping.

Choosing from Classic Necklaces

A necklace is one of the nest jewelry pieces to invest in. It is a great thing to have because it is a versatile accessory that any fashion conscious woman would want to have.  Thus, it wouldn’t be surprising if your preoccupation is to fill your necklace display with pieces you fancy most. It is also inevitable that you hang out in jewelry stores and jewelry sections in department stores because this is where you can see the new designs available as well as the trending styles that are popular as of the moment.

However, no matter how many necklace styles come out, there are still some classic designs that never go out of style.  These pieces are a must in every woman’s jewelry collection.  For those wondering how they should start their collection, these are recommended pieces that a collection should start on.  It may be a big investment, but the rewards far outcry the costs.  Here are the suggested pieces: Continue reading

Classic and Classy Necklace Pendants

If you think that your outfit needs a little oomph, you can easily do this by accessorizing with jewelry.  Wearing a necklace is one fast way to make a boring and plain looking outfit interesting. You can look at your necklace display and see what’s missing with the current pieces you have. You can also look at the jewelry section of your favorite mall to see what is trendy and popular.  Of course, there are fashion magazines and TV shows wherein just by looking at the models wearing the latest outfits, you would know what would look best on you and go with your style.

classic necklace

Even with the new styles of jewelry coming out, as seen in necklace and earring display shows, there are still classic styles that have withstood the test of time. Pendants also are classic pieces that you can collect.  This is a great piece of jewelry to invest on as you can mix and match it with different kinds of chains in different lengths to give it a fresh new look every time you use it.  If you are wondering which classic pendant pieces you should look into if you are just starting out your collection, here are three suggestions:

  • For the classic look: The brooch

This is actually a double purpose jewelry piece as you can also use it as a pendant, as much as you can wear it as a pin.  It is a good investment piece because of its many uses. It is the best solution to a common dilemma most women have: How to wear a necklace or pendant when in business attire. Accessorizing clothes used for the office is a tricky situation! With a brooch worn as a pendant to a simple string bracelet, the attire looks very fashionable, but at the same time, dignified.

  • For the organic look with a distinct edge: Ancient symbols

This can be quite challenging to wear as it should go with your outfit. But if it is made of quality metal with exquisite craftsmanship, then it can be a piece that would make you stand out. The most popular pendants in this category would be the Ankh pendant, based on the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic character that symbolizes life. Other popular pendants based on ancient symbols are the Hindu Om symbol, Celtic symbols, and of course, the cross. These pendants can be worn in any occasion, but would practically be dependent on the necklace for overall effect. For example, the Ankh pendant would look brilliant with a simple black lace necklace with casual attire.

  • For the sentimental and classic look: Lockets

This is a sentimental and memorable piece to own because of the picture that can be placed inside. Some can go as quirky as hair strands, but these pendants would also look good on both formal and office wear.

Take a look at your necklace display and see what classic pendants would look best with your current necklace collection.

How to Wear Pink Shoes with Your Fall Outfit

Fall is often dominated by warm colors such as red, orange, dark green or brown. But for this year’s color trend, Pantone named vivacious pink as one of the best color to wear this fall season. It’s a great change to the usual fall colors and can lighten up your usual fall outfit.

In this blog, we will give you some quick tips on how to add a touch of pink in your Fall outfit. Specifically, we’ll show you stunning pairs of wholesale pink shoes and give you some tips on how you can wear it to brighten up your outfit for a chilly day. Continue reading