Don’t Let Your Jade and Pearls Get Ugly

Maintaining jewelry is as important as procuring them.  Of course, you would want to protect your investment from getting scratched or worse from getting damaged.  Putting them on necklace display cases is one way of helping lessen the damage but of course, maintenance is much better as this will help increase the life of your beloved jewelry pieces. They are after all, quite pricey. You wouldn’t want your monetary investment to go down the drain just because your pieces have not been taken cared of properly, right? Moreover, I’m sure some of your jewelry pieces have sentimental value to you. Can you afford losing important mementos (that can also cost a lot and increase in value as they age) just because you’re lazy in keeping them clean? Continue reading


Choosing from Classic Necklaces

A necklace is one of the nest jewelry pieces to invest in. It is a great thing to have because it is a versatile accessory that any fashion conscious woman would want to have.  Thus, it wouldn’t be surprising if your preoccupation is to fill your necklace display with pieces you fancy most. It is also inevitable that you hang out in jewelry stores and jewelry sections in department stores because this is where you can see the new designs available as well as the trending styles that are popular as of the moment.

However, no matter how many necklace styles come out, there are still some classic designs that never go out of style.  These pieces are a must in every woman’s jewelry collection.  For those wondering how they should start their collection, these are recommended pieces that a collection should start on.  It may be a big investment, but the rewards far outcry the costs.  Here are the suggested pieces: Continue reading

Some Trendy Necklace Designs Through the Years

Necklaces are great accessories to have because you can use them in any kind of outfit.  They can be easily mixed and matched with any outfit or you can even combine several of them together to form layers. They do make an outfit stand out right away. If you have not been doing this, then it is time for you to go to the jewelry section of your favorite store to check on the necklace display section to see the new and upcoming trends and start your own necklace collection as well. Experimenting with your looks, including your accessories and jewelry pieces can make you go from wearing safe outfits to a certified trendy fashionista.

Throughout the years, trends have changed when it comes to necklace designs.  You can see from the accessories used by models on the runway to A-list celebrities in red carpet occasions what the current trends are, even when it comes to the world of accessories.  However, there are designs that have withstood the test of time and survived the ever changing and fickle minds of users and fashion experts.  This goes with the other jewelry designs as you can see whether in an earring display of a celebrity collection to what can actually be seen in the window displays of jewelers. Here are some necklace designs that never seem to be out of style: Continue reading

Ways to Creatively Display Necklace in Your Jewelry Store

Displaying necklaces whether in a physical store or in a trade show is a little tricky but with a little creativity and lots of inspiration, you can surely create a display for your wholesale jewelry that can attract the attention of your potential customers. When it comes to your jewelry store, it’s important to keep your items organized and artistic. With just a clever, well-thought display, you are sure to stand out against your competitors and make your brand become more memorable.

Deciding what kind of necklace display to use will depend on the materials and the theme of the jewelry that you are selling. To give you a little help on deciding how you can create a stunning necklace display, here are some inspirations you can use. Continue reading

How to Find Jewelry That Fits Your Girl Best Friend

They say diamond is a girl’s best friend. Well, if that’s close enough to being true, you can definitely use it to make your best friend happy on her special day. Anything that is glittery and glamorous can surely brighten up her day so why not include a fabulous pair of dangling earring or statement ring on your birthday present.

However, all ladies differ in taste and preference when it comes to wholesale jewelry they wear. What seems to be lovely for your taste can be a little too much for your friend or what seems to be boring for you can be stunning for others. To help you figure things out, here are some quick tips that you can use next time you purchase jewelry for your best friend. Continue reading

How to Match You Jewelry with Your Wedding Dress

For a bride, looking for the best gown to wear on her big day is one of the most important parts of her wedding. She has to look the prettiest, be the best looking woman for her groom and to feel good simply because she deserves it. But the thrill doesn’t end in just finding the perfect dress to wear. The more challenging part is looking for the right fashion jewelry that can fit your dress and your personal style like no other.

While it is tempting to wear a lot of gorgeous accessories from your wholesale jewelry store, you must always bear in mind that a bride is at her best when she’s in her simplest form. So to further enlighten you on the topic of how to match the jewelry with your wedding dress, read on because this post will surely help you to look more radiant and beautiful on your day.

Continue reading

Jewelry Spotlight: Fashion Rings for Modern Ladies

Fashion savvy ladies are always on the lookout for something fun and creative to complete their outfit. Whether it’s a cute print on a plain top or a colorful design on a pair of leggings, ladies always love wearing things that have unique design or details. Modern women also seek to try new materials, shape or figures to come up with a design to suit their personality and lifestyle.

With the latest modern designs in shoes and bags come the new and unconventional ideas when it comes to wholesale jewelry and accessories. While classic will always be around for formal occasion, the more casual events give room to more creative and contemporary designs when it comes to fashion jewelry. So if you’re going to a party or you just want to have something unique to go with your everyday fashion, take a look at these trendy and modern jewelry pieces to complete your outfit. Continue reading