What Is a Reverse Collar Necklace?

Have you ever wonder what it will look like you if combine a statement necklace and a choker? Or have you seen a necklace display with a collar necklace presented in reverse? You might have asked yourself whether or not the jeweler or the shopkeeper was out of her mind when she displayed the collar necklace. Actually, there is such thing as reverse collar necklaces. Those collar necklaces displayed the opposite way are actually worn that way. According to many designers and fashion enthusiasts, reverse collar necklace is the hottest piece of jewelry that every fashion conscious person should have on her necklace display. Many fashionistas can now be seen and photographed wearing reverse collar necklaces, making it an “it” necklaces. Whether it is one solid piece of metal or a chain of beads, the collar necklace whether worn the right way or in reverse, is an updated version of the 90s middle school jewelry repertoire. When you wear a collar necklace, your mind will go back to your middle school days. Is it not cool to have old ideas twisted to come up with cooler and better ideas?

Reverse Collar Necklace

reverse collar necklace

Although wearing the upcoming spring’s trends, like Tevas and fringed pieces, may look too early to be trending now, another style is emerging on necklace displays among top jewelry shops: the reverse collar necklace. You can actually see reverse collar necklaces with oversized pearls that look like headphones at Chanel, or those with huge rhinestones at Balenciaga. You would think that the reverse collar necklace is an upbeat version of the choker. Just by flipping an ordinary collar necklace and showing off some of your skin at the neck, the reverse collar necklace will look awesome because it keeps a clean line that elongates rather than stunts your neck visually. If you want a less flamboyant take on the reverse collar necklace (meaning, a necklace without giant stones), you can try those by Alexis Bittar.

For example, there are reverse collar necklaces that are juts sleek gold wires. They are plain enough not to overwhelm or underwhelm your outfit. A reverse collar necklace also looks great with clavicles. Wear it with a loosely buttoned silk shirt to the office. You can also wear it with a strapless dress for evening affairs.

Fast Tip on Making a Collar Necklace


If you cannot afford a collar necklace you saw on a necklace display, why not make one? To make a collar necklace, get a felt, glue, and stones. All you have to do is to make a template the shape of a collar. Next, make sure that it is sturdy enough to hang on your neck. Add stones and voila! You now have a collar necklace!