Top 5 Tips in Choosing the Best Eyewear for Running

Wearing sunglasses when running is essential in protecting your eyes and achieving your personal best while engaging in your favorite sport. But not all sunglasses are created equal. If you want to get the best protection you need from your eyewear, you must understand that your normal sunglasses can’t be worn during activities that requires more eye protection.

Some sunglasses are especially made to fit the needs of those who are into active physical activities such as running. These sunglasses are made to complement its owner’s lifestyle and enhance the performance of those who engage in running as well as other sports.

To help you find the perfect wholesale sunglasses to wear on your next marathon, here are some tips you should remember.

running sunglasses

Tip #1 – Go for the most comfortable fit

Most sunglasses store has a collection of glasses that are specially designed for running. The snug fit and wrap around frame of sports sunglasses are designed to keep it from falling off while you’re running and give you best protection from all angles. Always pick a pair of sunglasses that is made from solid metal with rubber tabs over the earpieces for extended comfort and grip.

Tip #2 – Consider having lightweight sunglasses

A lot of runners are hesitant when it comes to wearing sunglasses because of the fear of the discomfort that they may experience while running. However, there are lightweight wholesale sunglasses that can let you run comfortably without it getting in the way. Make sure to try and fit different pairs of sunglasses until you get the right sunglasses for you.

Tip #3 – Look for durable frames

As much as possible, you would want to look for the best pair of sports sunglasses and be able to wear it in a long period of time. Because of this, you may also consider buying sunglasses with composite frames that are designed to be highly flexible. In any case that it fall off your face while running, it will simply bounce on the floor or the treadmill, and absorb the impact without breaking.

Tip #4 – Have scratch free lenses

Sports sunglasses have protective layers that are extra sensitive compared to the usual sunglasses. In the event that your sunglasses fall off, you have to make sure that it won’t affect the quality of the protective coatings in your sunglasses. Ask your wholesale sunglasses store retailer about scratch free options to ensure the longevity of your sports eyewear.

With these useful tips, you can pick the right sunglasses you need to pursue running as a hobby or sports. Just remember to take extra care on your sunglasses and wear it every time you are running outdoors to keep you away from any possible eye injury.


Motorsports and Its Love Affair with Sunglasses

Motorsports is a group of disciplines that involves motorized vehicles. Motorsports athletes are some of the most daring people in the world, and quite frankly, can kick with sunglasses better than any other athlete there is. Perhaps any kind of athlete who drops by the wholesale sunglasses section of the department store.

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Wearing Sunglasses During the Fall? No problem!

It totally baffles me that there are people who ask if sunglasses can still be worn or are still useful during the fall when the sun’s heat is a lot less intense.

Fact is, sun is still out, and it is just there all year round. I hope you’re not surprised. If you are, let me tell you that even during fall, the sun still emits UV rays. The following are reasons why wearing sunglasses during the fall isn’t a mortal sin.

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Rock Stars Who Wear Sunglasses

Something about the rock star with the nerdy look. Think of the aggressive guy in the group who ends his day reading philosophy books. Ah, there goes that unmistakable charm. In here are some of the more popular rockers, though not strictly aggression-spitters, whose trademark glasses are as recognizable as the music that they make. The kind that makes you want to go running at the wholesale sunglasses section of the department store.

John Lennon

John Lennon

Easily the most popular of the lot, Lennon inspired a whole generation with his and his band’s music. It was a revolution beyond musical statures, and his hippie-style sunglasses were always at the front line. The one thing fans don’t want to remember though is the sight of his blood-stained pair of sunglasses (different from his trademark pair) after his death by gun shot from a deranged fan on December of 1980.

Elton John

elton john

There really is not one pair of sunglasses Sir Elton John is famous for. You want to talk about a man with a massive collection of glasses. During concerts, Sir Elton wears outlandish sunglasses to complete the entire getup. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994, there’s no denying this man’s immense contribution not just in rock, but music in general.



U2’s music is characterized by simplicity. Well, more like simplified genius, and with a purpose. Much like why he wears sunglasses. More than fashion, Bono wears sunglasses because his eyes are sensitive to light, making his right eye swell up with prolonged exposure.

Buddy Holly


One of the pioneers of rock and roll, Buddy Holly (Charles Hardin Holley in real life) kicks with the nerdy look. From the early years of rock and roll to this very day, he is regarded as a true inspiration to well-known acts the world over. Too bad he had to go early at the age of 22 in a plane crash.

Joe Satriani

joe satriani

Bald guy with the sunglasses who plays some mean guitar. Over the course of his career, Joe Satriani has worked with some of the finest musicians in the land, much thanks to his insane guitar chops. Onstage and in public, “Satch” likes sporting a pair of vintage sunglasses that only adds to the cool.

Just like their music, these artists’ sense of style never goes out of fashion. The next time you check out wholesale sunglasses, how about keeping them in mind?

Why Celebrities Wear Sunglasses Almost All the Time

If you ever notice, celebrities in general like wearing sunglasses, so much that a lot of them wear a pair of sunnies even indoors. But before you say it’s been too much and it will not in any way affect your decision in going to the wholesale sunglasses section of the department store, you may want to read along to better understand why your favorite celebrities wear sunglasses in places where they don’t have to.

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Shades on Formal Occasions: A Yes or a Faux Pas?

Shopping for clothes when going on a formal occasion is a fun thing to do.  Wearing formal clothes can be really fun, especially for girls. Aside from the thrill of dressing up for a formal occasion, there is that excitement of selecting clothes and matching accessories. What goes with which outfit? What would be a good color palate? Should the accessories match the dress or should you go for a mix and match look? Should your dress be knee length or should you go for a more dramatic floor length gown? Off the shoulder or long sleeves? These are only some of the issues ladies will have to decide on.

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