How to Choose the Right Shoes: Tips and Tricks for Moms

Being a mom is not really an excuse to forget taking care of yourself and doing things to make you feel great. If you’ve been too busy switching from a dutiful mom and an accomplished career woman, it’s even more important to take some time off for that well deserved “me time”.

While you’re at it, why not reward yourself with a trip to a nearby wholesale shoe store or shoe boutique and get yourself a new pair of kicks. Take your friends with you and indulge in an exciting retail therapy.

Here are some of our tips on getting the most comfortable pair of shoes for your day to day mommy activities!


Right Shoes for Moms

Tip #1 Ballet flats can be your best friend!

Sneakers can be totally comfortable especially if you have little kids in tow, but there is other way mix comfort and fashion when it comes to your shoes. Ballet flats can help you run and chase around your little ones while still looking plush and fashionable. Look for flats with bow ties, studs or spikes for that chic and stylish look.

Tip #2 Have variety of Shoes

As a mom, you have to wear different hats everyday. Make sure your shoes can keep up with your busy sked by having different types of shoes in your closet. Keep two to three pairs of ballet flats, a pair of dressy sandals for late night dates with your hubby, mid high heels for office works and trendy pumps or booties for weekend parties. No budget for pricey shoes? Buy at wholesale shoe stores online to avail of great discounts!

Tip #3 Keep up with the trends

You may be already in your 30s or 40s but you can still look fashionable with the right choice of shoes to wear! Read mommy blogs, or have a monthly subscription of your favorite fashion magazine to get an idea on what to wear everyday. Recreate your day to day outfit by mixing and matching your clothes to fit your mood and lifestyle.

Tip #4 Don’t afraid of Colorful Shoes

Have you set aside your red shoes and filled your shelf with nothing but black shoes? Get yourself a wardrobe makeover and buy shoes in different colors. Bright and bold shoes can glam up even your most usual mommy outfit so make sure you have plenty of it inside your closet. No need for over the top accessories. Just slip on your trendy royal blue pumps or pastel pumps and you’re good to go.

Enjoy the gift of motherhood in a fun and trendy way. Look your best everyday and conquer the world one shoes at time!


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