Don’t Let Your Jade and Pearls Get Ugly

Maintaining jewelry is as important as procuring them.  Of course, you would want to protect your investment from getting scratched or worse from getting damaged.  Putting them on necklace display cases is one way of helping lessen the damage but of course, maintenance is much better as this will help increase the life of your beloved jewelry pieces. They are after all, quite pricey. You wouldn’t want your monetary investment to go down the drain just because your pieces have not been taken cared of properly, right? Moreover, I’m sure some of your jewelry pieces have sentimental value to you. Can you afford losing important mementos (that can also cost a lot and increase in value as they age) just because you’re lazy in keeping them clean?

jade and pearl

Jade and pearls are two of the more popular materials utilized for jewelry pieces.  After precious stones like diamond, emeralds, rubies and sapphires, people put value on their pearl and jade pieces next.  Pearls are classic pieces that never go out of style. Simple getups get raised in their level of elegance and sophistication with a mere addition of a string of pearls or a pair of pearl earrings. Jade, on the other hand, is an interesting piece that never fails to amaze people. The green color attracts a lot of jewelry fans. The Chinese consider jade a lucky gem, and it is also great that it can be as luminous as emeralds when it comes to color, but retains a certain earthiness and organic quality.

Here are some ways to protect these two jewelry materials.

  • Wiping with wet and clean soft cloth

The cloth should not be dripping wet but just enough to wipe off the dust and other foreign material that has gathered on it.  Do not use fabrics that easily attract lint or shed fiber. These might just transfer to your pearls or jade pieces when you use them for wiping.

  • Cleaning solution

Make use of a gentle cleaning solution. Refrain from using jewelry cleaning solutions and instead use mild hand soap. Common jewelry cleaners used for sturdier material like gold and silver are harsh and would damage the surface of your jade and pearl jewelry.

  • Handle with care

Do not rub the wet cloth vigorously and instead just wipe them gently on the jewelry. Scratching jade and pearls will make them look tarnished and in turn, may make them lose a little of their value.

  • Dry thoroughly – Do not store wet jewelry in necklace display cases right away as this will damage them.  Air dry or use a clean soft cloth to wipe off the water.

Follow these tips and make your jade and pearl jewelry pieces last. Not only will you make them maintain (or eve possibly increase) their value, you can also preserve beautiful memories by taking good care of them.


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