Motorsports and Its Love Affair with Sunglasses

Motorsports is a group of disciplines that involves motorized vehicles. Motorsports athletes are some of the most daring people in the world, and quite frankly, can kick with sunglasses better than any other athlete there is. Perhaps any kind of athlete who drops by the wholesale sunglasses section of the department store.

Really, the list of athletes can go forever. In here are just three of my favorites. If you have your own list, how about letting it known. Check this out:Valentino Rossi

valentino rossi

I have always been enamored with motorcycles. With two wheels, you are working in symphony with the road. Unlike cars, motorcycles go with every turn and they are just the most exciting to watch.

Italian Valentino Rossi is easily my favorite rider ever. Although not as dominant as he used to be, The Doctor is still one of the highest paid motorcycle road racers in the world. He is, in fact, the only rider in the Forbes list of top-earning athletes in motorsports. Valentino started his GP career in the 125cc category and became champion the succeeding year. He has since become a multiple-time MotoGP champion and is widely regarded as the most successful rider in MotoGP history. Very much approachable and amicable, Valentino is well-loved by fans around the world. After a brief stint with Ducati, he is now back with Yamaha but was never back to his old form after recovering from a serious injury, making way for younger guys like teammate Jorge Lorenzo and 2013 MotoGP champion Marc Marquez to shine.

Ricky Carmichael

ricky carmichael

Who else but the GOAT. Oh yes, many consider him the greatest of all time in his discipline. He was dominant both in the amateurs and in the pros.

Ricky Carmichael is indeed something special. He was dominant from the get-go, winning a major championship in only his rookie year. In 2002, he did the unthinkable and won all 24 motos of the national season. After a highly successful stint in supercross where he held several national and international titles, he brought his talent to NASCAR where he is now a free agent. Ask any motorsport enthusiast about his list of all-time favorite athletes of any discipline and chances are, Ricky is high on his list.

Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton

I know. You may have chosen Michael Schumacher or Sebastian Vettel for this very short list. I chose Lewis and Fernando as it is hitting two birds in one stone, so to speak, since they are teammates. These two are highly successful drivers, as they are ultra popular to fans.


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