Wearing Sunglasses During the Fall? No problem!

It totally baffles me that there are people who ask if sunglasses can still be worn or are still useful during the fall when the sun’s heat is a lot less intense.

Fact is, sun is still out, and it is just there all year round. I hope you’re not surprised. If you are, let me tell you that even during fall, the sun still emits UV rays. The following are reasons why wearing sunglasses during the fall isn’t a mortal sin.

Protection from diseases

Creative Sunglasses and Sky

Creative Sunglasses and Sky (Photo credit: epSos.de)

Because the sun still emits harmful UV rays, you can still acquire eye diseases, especially with prolonged exposure. If you are often outside for long periods of time, you most definitely need sunglasses. Skin cancer, Macular degeneration, Cataract, Pterygium, Photokeratitis, and Pinguecula are just some of the diseases you can catch if you opt not to wear sunglasses when you have to. If you’re one of those people who get dizzy even with short exposure from the sun, the more you need to wear sunglasses. Also, there is such a thing as eye sunburn, so be cautious. Good thing many sunglasses today are equipped with UV protection.

Here comes the fall collection

Majority of the brands come up with a fall collection. Let me tell you, these are worth checking out. There are sunglasses that may not go out of fashion like aviators and wayfarers, but there are also kinds that work specifically well during this season. Find them out for yourself and be impressed by the assortment available. Remember, expressing yourself through fashion can be done whole year round. Different wardrobe calls for a different pair of sunglasses.

Sporting activities abound

Bear in mind that major sporting events start or peak during this season, so trust me, sunglasses are in no way out of fashion. The NBA, NFL, Major League Baseball – you name it. Come to think of it, with the exception of the NBA and perhaps a couple of other tournaments, the major sporting events are done outdoors, reason for you to be on your favorite pair of sunglasses whenever you are out. Also, there are other activities that are popular during this season. Cycling, running, camping, the list goes on.

Still not convinced? Hey, if you happen to find a good deal in the wholesale sunglasses section of the department store during this season, how about buying them and just use them when you want to or resell them when you have to?

Now if you know of anyone who still does not agree that wearing sunglasses during the fall is good, bring them to me. Wink!


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