Choosing from Classic Necklaces

A necklace is one of the nest jewelry pieces to invest in. It is a great thing to have because it is a versatile accessory that any fashion conscious woman would want to have.  Thus, it wouldn’t be surprising if your preoccupation is to fill your necklace display with pieces you fancy most. It is also inevitable that you hang out in jewelry stores and jewelry sections in department stores because this is where you can see the new designs available as well as the trending styles that are popular as of the moment.

However, no matter how many necklace styles come out, there are still some classic designs that never go out of style.  These pieces are a must in every woman’s jewelry collection.  For those wondering how they should start their collection, these are recommended pieces that a collection should start on.  It may be a big investment, but the rewards far outcry the costs.  Here are the suggested pieces:

  • Diamond necklaces

diamond necklace

We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend; so it comes as no surprise that these are shoo-in for the classic category.  Aside from the diamond earrings that you see in the earring displays of celebrity magazines, a diamond necklace should be included in your collection.  It can be used during formal events and special occasions. There are so many designs to choose from, but there are surely some designs that stand out

Check out necklaces in the jewelry collection of the ultimate diamond fan, Liz Taylor, and try to look for local jewelry shops that have pieces inspired by the great collection. They would surely have some pieces for remarkably less but with the same beautiful design aesthetic.

  • Chain necklaces

chain necklace

This is a basic item that you must have.  You can get them in different chain styles as well as lengths.  You can mix and match the pendants that you have depending on your outfit. They key to rocking chain necklaces, as already said earlier, is to have a lot of them and acquire the eye for layering them in the most stylish way. It is recommended that you purchase three pieces that have the same design theme and varied lengths, but only around half an inch in difference (you wouldn’t want tp look like you’re wearing a bib). Then, wear them all at once! Don’t go overboard by wearing four or more pieces or risk looking like a Christmas tree!

  • Shell and bead necklaces

shell and bead necklace

If you love to dress casually, then these are pieces that you should have. These pieces can be worn with casual clothes, and with the proper styling and pendant, can also be worn in dresserie occasions. Take note that bead necklaces can be different from beaded necklaces, with the former being necklaces that are just made of beads and the latter being necklaces in a material (e.g. silver) with beads as embellishments.

It really depends on the necklace display to see how great a piece is. So, it is important for store owners to remember that the displays they put their pieces in can make or break a potential transaction!

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