Classic and Classy Necklace Pendants

If you think that your outfit needs a little oomph, you can easily do this by accessorizing with jewelry.  Wearing a necklace is one fast way to make a boring and plain looking outfit interesting. You can look at your necklace display and see what’s missing with the current pieces you have. You can also look at the jewelry section of your favorite mall to see what is trendy and popular.  Of course, there are fashion magazines and TV shows wherein just by looking at the models wearing the latest outfits, you would know what would look best on you and go with your style.

classic necklace

Even with the new styles of jewelry coming out, as seen in necklace and earring display shows, there are still classic styles that have withstood the test of time. Pendants also are classic pieces that you can collect.  This is a great piece of jewelry to invest on as you can mix and match it with different kinds of chains in different lengths to give it a fresh new look every time you use it.  If you are wondering which classic pendant pieces you should look into if you are just starting out your collection, here are three suggestions:

  • For the classic look: The brooch

This is actually a double purpose jewelry piece as you can also use it as a pendant, as much as you can wear it as a pin.  It is a good investment piece because of its many uses. It is the best solution to a common dilemma most women have: How to wear a necklace or pendant when in business attire. Accessorizing clothes used for the office is a tricky situation! With a brooch worn as a pendant to a simple string bracelet, the attire looks very fashionable, but at the same time, dignified.

  • For the organic look with a distinct edge: Ancient symbols

This can be quite challenging to wear as it should go with your outfit. But if it is made of quality metal with exquisite craftsmanship, then it can be a piece that would make you stand out. The most popular pendants in this category would be the Ankh pendant, based on the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic character that symbolizes life. Other popular pendants based on ancient symbols are the Hindu Om symbol, Celtic symbols, and of course, the cross. These pendants can be worn in any occasion, but would practically be dependent on the necklace for overall effect. For example, the Ankh pendant would look brilliant with a simple black lace necklace with casual attire.

  • For the sentimental and classic look: Lockets

This is a sentimental and memorable piece to own because of the picture that can be placed inside. Some can go as quirky as hair strands, but these pendants would also look good on both formal and office wear.

Take a look at your necklace display and see what classic pendants would look best with your current necklace collection.

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