Why Celebrities Wear Sunglasses Almost All the Time

If you ever notice, celebrities in general like wearing sunglasses, so much that a lot of them wear a pair of sunnies even indoors. But before you say it’s been too much and it will not in any way affect your decision in going to the wholesale sunglasses section of the department store, you may want to read along to better understand why your favorite celebrities wear sunglasses in places where they don’t have to.

So why do many celebrities wear sunglasses almost all the time?

celebs on sunglassesAs fashion statement

Between us and the celebrities that we look up to, it is them who have all the reasons to wear sunglasses any given day and place. As trendsetters they have to look good wherever they go. As they say, you never know when the camera is rolling. They want to look good not just for themselves, but more importantly, for the fans.

“He looks a lot better on TV” – this could be the last thing any celebrity would want to hear from a fan. For some of them, every public appearance is an opportunity to show people how fine they look. Whether or not the screen gives them justice is to a fan’s judgment. Celebrities tend to dress to impress, which is understandable given the nature of their job. Also, there are celebrities who endorse a specific brand of sunglasses. They are getting paid to wear them so they need to be seen wearing the brand everywhere they go.

For health reasons

As you may have read in one of the previous blogs, there are celebrities who wear sunglasses not just to look good. There are some, like Bono of the band U2, who wear sunglasses for health reasons.

Many celebrities wear sunglasses during events to help them see when all the lights are focused on them. They intend to ward off too much light, which, come to think of it, is something celebrities encounter on a regular basis. Cameras surround them most of the time so they need eye protection.

To go unnoticed

It may be a weak attempt to evade paparazzi or getting mobbed by fans, but still, sunnies help to some extent. Privacy is one thing celebrities don’t have the luxury of, so every time they are out, they do everything they can so they won’t get noticed.

To hide blemishes

Aside from privacy, sleep is another thing celebrities are deprived of. This is why eye bags are very common in celebrities. That and wrinkles make anyone look older than he actually is, and celebrities do not want to be seen at their worst. Just as girls sometimes wear hats during bad hair days, so do celebrities don sunglasses.

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