You Need to Have Only One Pair of Anything, Make it Sunglasses!

Of course, that’s with the exception of shoes, even for men. Most men will agree that you should not limit yourself with only one pair of sunglasses. Yes we do have only one pair of eyes, but don’t we also have one pair of feet?

English: Closeup of man wearing Aviator-style ...

English: Closeup of man wearing Aviator-style sunglasses. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After reading this article, don’t even try to stop yourself from running to the wholesale sunglasses section of the department store. Here are some reasons why it is a good thing (and highly encouraged) to have more than one pair of sunglasses:

More than an accessory

It used to be that sunglasses were worn to compliment an entire getup. Well, gone are those days because nowadays you see people matching their clothes to the kind of sunglasses they will be wearing for the day. There are even the extreme few whose entire outfit depends on their day’s choice of sunglasses.

Lost/broken pair

Having a backup to your favorite pair of sunglasses will serve you right. Sunglasses get broken, lost, or stolen. It’s for this reason why there are people who buy two pairs of the same sunglasses. Not to mention there are those who can’t seem to go on with their lives if they don’t have their favorite pair on.

To those who wear sunglasses to hide perceived flaws like eye bags, tired, red eyes, even wrinkles around the eyes, imagine if you lose your lone pair!

Consider your lifestyle

You want to always have a pair that suits your lifestyle. If you are out under the sun a lot, then a pair of sporty sunglasses is surely a part of your collection. Also, there are a whole lot of sport-specific glasses in the market for whatever sport you engage in. Cycling, for example, calls for a very specific pair, given the circumstances.

Specialty glasses

Reading glasses, driving glasses, safety glasses, the list goes on. These are glasses worn to achieve optimal vision in the accomplishment of certain tasks.

Just get in fashion

For some, fashion may be the only reason they will ever need. Really, with the diversity of styles in wholesale sunglasses, why would you want to go for only one pair and be boring?

Be bold in expressing yourself with the kind of sunglasses that you wear. If it makes you feel good, then go ahead and widen your collection!

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