The Most Popular Necklaces in the Movies

Watching movies are a favorite past time by just about anyone. Who doesn’t like to kick back and watch their favorite actor or actress embark on an adventure? Be it a love story, sci-fi, drama, horror, or comedy, each of us surely has some movie we could relate to the most. For fashion enthusiasts, movies are also one great way to see what can be the next fashion trend, or even one entire movement. So much fashion has been suggested by the movies – from the little black dress of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Diane Keaton’s entire get up in Annie Hall and even the off the shoulder number of Jennifer Beals in Flashdance had everyone copying their styles for generations.

Movies are also an opportunity for the people to check out what kind of accessory can be the next big thing. Movies have played a big role in making a necklace design popular.  A scene where there is a prominent necklace display becomes an unforgettable one and is imprinted in the minds of viewers. Jewelry is one prime component in some movies, and as people, especially women, love anything that shines and sparkles, they are surely on the lookout for anything in the movies they watch of something they may also want to own and wear.

heart of the ocean

One necklace that was made popular by a movie was the Heart of the Ocean diamond necklace in the worldwide box office phenomenon Titanic. This is most probably the most famous piece among those that you can see in necklace display of movie props. It was such an integral part of the movie that made people associate right away with the characters, Jack and Rose. Who could not forget the scene where the lead was drawn wearing nothing else, only the necklace?  Or the portion of the movie where the old lady threw the necklace back to the ocean? These are just some of the scenes where the necklace has made an impact on the moviegoers.

Moulin Rouge

Other famous necklaces in movies include the one worn in Moulin Rouge, which was designed by Stefano Cantur just for the movie. Satine (Nicole Kidman) wearing that necklace wearing a long black gown is one of the most elegant and breathtaking sights in the movies. That necklace containing 1,308 diamonds was supposed toi be auctioned, but Mr. Cantur backed out the last minute, saying it was too precious to be put on sale. In 2001, when the movie came out, the necklace was expected to fetch close to $700,000.

Lord of the Rings Pendant

For those who love the stories of Middle Earth, Arwen’s Evenstar in The Lord of The Rings Trilogy. The pendant is very memorable as the Elven princess gave this to Aragorn as a symbol of her love to him. Now, how romantic is that?

These necklaces may have only been props in movies, but since they played a significant role, people tend not to forget about them.  This is why a lot of designers and jewelry makers have banked on showing their designs in  movies to make their business grow.  This has also made a huge industry for movie merchandising.

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