Shades on Formal Occasions: A Yes or a Faux Pas?

Shopping for clothes when going on a formal occasion is a fun thing to do.  Wearing formal clothes can be really fun, especially for girls. Aside from the thrill of dressing up for a formal occasion, there is that excitement of selecting clothes and matching accessories. What goes with which outfit? What would be a good color palate? Should the accessories match the dress or should you go for a mix and match look? Should your dress be knee length or should you go for a more dramatic floor length gown? Off the shoulder or long sleeves? These are only some of the issues ladies will have to decide on.

Another thing that may be of concern to those who want everything to be perfect would be regarding eyewear. Formal occasions can happen in the morning, and thus technically, shades or sunglasses can be a necessity. Besides, we have seen celebrities like Susan Sarandon strut the red carpet with sharp looking sunglasses right? But then, some may think sunglasses look to casual to be included in a formal ensemble, making sunglass wearers look out of place. Some would say that there would be no need to wear sunglasses from the wholesale sunglasses section but if the event is outdoors, then it would be alright.

DG Women 26163DG

  • Do wear sunglasses because it protects the eyes from the sun and UV rays

The DG Women 26163DG available from the Got Shades wholesale sunglasses collection is one perfect pair as it provides adequate protection and it looks classy.  The classic design is perfect if you want to project class and grace. It is all black so it can go with any color motif or the color of your dress.  It is simple, classy and chic.

  • Be inconspicuous.

If you prefer to shy away from the camera flashes and would want to remain anonymous, then a pair of shades is the perfect accessory for you. Just don’t forget to take them off when you’re indoors; otherwise, you’ll look like a pretentious celeb wannabe!

  • Make a statement.

If you want to make a statement and be unique from the other people attending the party, then wearing a pair of shades would definitely make you stand out.  It is a unique accessory especially when the party is held outdoors. Get shades with dramatic frames like those with leopard stripes or jaguar spots! Those will definitely get you noticed, especially if the outfit is monochrome, like an off-white and beige shade. If you are wearing something in a dramatic color, like a black lacy frock or a gold lame gown, go with a pair that has frames in pastel shade!

There are a lot of pairs that you can check out on websites that sell wholesale sunglasses.  The men can opt for the DG Men 23033DG and another option for the women would be the CG36131CG.  These two styles are classy and not loud.  It can be suitable to wear for formal occasions. Protecting your eyes have never been this chic.

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