5 Essential Tips for Every Shoe Lover

Some women wear shoes to cover their feet, or to have something to wear on their day to day activities. But there are few who loves wearing shoes like others love gadgets or traveling. For some ladies, a weekend means a trip to a nearby wholesale shoes store, or to a newly opened shoe boutique. For them, there’s always a room for one more pair of shoes no matter how many shoes they already own. These ladies have unique sense of fashion and can freely express their mood and personality just by choosing the right color and style to wear for the day.

If you are one of them or want to be like them, you have to make sure that you’ve got everything covered for the things you love most. The right knowledge can let you own more shoes while saving a lot of money and can even let you enjoy your treasures for a longer period of time. Here are some of my proven and tested tips and tricks to get you the right pair and help you land the best deals.

Shoe Lovers

  • Get to know your feet and what fits it

Every shoe lover must understand every curve, every part as well as the right length and width of her feet. And with experience, you must also know your comfort level when it comes to wearing high heeled shoes. This essential knowledge can help you find the shoes with the right fit and can save you from feet sores and muscles pains.

  • Discover different shopping spots in your area

Don’t just be contented with the shoes being displayed in the shopping malls. With diligence, you can discover different places that sell wholesale shoes in a very reasonable price. If you can’t find a place near you, go online and bookmark online stores that has the best deals and discounts.

  • Have proper storage

A friend who shares the same love for shoes just showed me the other day her shoe collection neatly arranged in her room. She put each pair of shoes in a small box and labeled it with the brand as well as the date it was purchased and other important details. You too must have a special storage plan for your shoes to keep them from any damage and to make it easier for you to choose what to wear in different occasions.

  • Learn the basic cleaning and repair tricks

It’s always great to have a little knowledge when it comes to repairing or cleaning your shoes to save you a lot of time and money. Research about different cleaning techniques and have the basic shoe cleaning materials in your home.

  • Be a Smart Shopper

Shopping for shoes is a lot of fun, but you also must have the ability to spot fake or low quality shoes. With some hit and miss, you will eventually learn how to pick the best pair of shoes for the right occasion and how you can save money with every trip to your favorite wholesale shoes store.

With these basic tips, you can be confident in your shopping choices. Enjoy shopping for shoes and discover the fun of collecting shoes with these practical and easy ways.

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