Fall Fashion 101: Tips on Wearing High Heeled Boots

One of the few things that come into mind when we talk about fall fashion is high heeled booties and knee high boots. For ladies who enjoy walking in high heeled dress shoes but want to keep their toes warm this season, high heeled boots are the best way to go.

Ladies who love dressing up will usually go for platform pumps when wearing skirts or cocktail dresses. However, when the night is a little chilly and you need more protection for your feet, boots is still your best option. With the different styles and colors available in different wholesale shoe stores today, you can definitely find boots that will suit any kind of outfit for different occasions.

High Heeled Boots

Here are some of my tried and tested tips on wearing high heeled boots this fall season.

  1. Get the right fit

Wearing high heeled boots will surely make people look straight down to your feet so it’s best to get the right fit and size instead of making it look like you’re borrowing shoes from someone else. Boots also affect your silhouette and can make you look slimmer or stouter depending on how you wear it or what you pair it with. Get the right fit and everything else will easily follow.

  1. Go easy with the stiletto

Wearing sky high boots looks gorgeously stunning. With your long legs and petite body, you will surely catch second glances without even trying. However, the downside is that high heeled boots can cause a little pain on your toes and ankle. To reduce the height of your heel arc, you can opt to wear platform boots with chunkier heels.

  1. Go Wedge

If the thought of wearing stiletto shoes gives you some scare, just go to a nearby wholesale shoes store and look for high heeled wedge boots instead. This way you can enjoy the added height without worrying about tripping over while walking your way to the office.

  1. Think tights, leggings and skinny jeans

Wearing short skirts is fun during spring and summer but with the cool winter winds approaching, it’s a little challenging to bear some skin. To be able to enjoy wearing your skirts, you can wear something to cover your legs like leggings, tights or skinny jeans.

  1. Get the right skirt length

When done the right way, dress paired with boots can make you look more fashion forward. To create that flawless combination, make sure that the length of your skirts falls proportionately to the length of your boots. Get the right high heeled boot that fits closely at the ankle and a dress that just ends above the knee and you’re good to go.

With these tips in mind, you can fashionably walk your way to your next weekend date or holiday parties.


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