Is It Chic to Wear Sunglasses in the Fall?

The seasons are changing and it is time to clean up the closet and make room for a new set of wardrobe.  It is also time to scour the mall and its shops for new clothing that would be considered to be trendy.  You can also check online for new designs that are forecasted to be this season’s runway trends.  A shopping spree and retail therapy should be the order of business if you have an unlimited credit line. One of the more discussed topics now is that if it is still appropriate to wear sunglasses now that the Fall season has come upon us. Wholesale sunglasses should be placed back on the drawers now that the sun is not as visible as it was during the summer.

But even if the fall is here, it is still recommended that sunglasses be worn.   If you are concerned about your eye’s health as well as the wrinkles in your face, then you should still wear sunglasses even during this season. If you still want to remain chic, there are new designs and sunglasses material that you can choose from.  Prices of these pairs range from the very affordable to the very expensive.  If you have limited budget, you can always check some wholesale sunglasses sites to see if anything fancies you there.

  • Oversized frames

Oversized FramesThe Jackie Onassis look never goes out of style. It is classy and yet trendy. This design has been tried and tested by time but it always prevails in runways and the red carpet.  Wearing these sunglass design has also become more popular with the current generation, especially since they are widely used by celebrities when avoiding having their photos taken by the paparazzi. Your best bet would be the ones with frames that are in black or honey as well as those with embellishments. Go with the frames in black if you are in monochrome attire. Honey frames are perfect for clothes with a lot of detail as they tend to complement and not clash with these loud pieces. Going with a strong black frame may be too dramatic.

  • Cat’s-eyes frames

Cat's Eye FramesThis is very feminine and would fit most facial structures.  It is available in different sizes so you can choose which one goes best for your face. Since they are chic and more fashionable than functional, glasses with these frames are better suited to be worn during the fall, where there’s not much sun for your eyes to be protected from.

  • Rectangular “geek-look” glasses

Geek-look GlassesThese bookish, brow line glasses are a big hit.  It is available in different materials from plastic to metal which gives you a lot of options.  After all, geek chic is very much the “in” thing these days. Since you won’t be wearing a lot of these sunglasses outdoors, the geeky frames would be perfect since they can be worn indoors without people wondering if you’re crazy, wearing sunglasses even under a roofed place.

Aside from being fashionable, sunglasses during the fall can also be protection for your eyes. After all, even though the weather is usually cloudy during this season, the sun is still surely there, no doubt about it. Besides, glasses can also protect you from windy situations, right?

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