Ways to Creatively Display Necklace in Your Jewelry Store

Displaying necklaces whether in a physical store or in a trade show is a little tricky but with a little creativity and lots of inspiration, you can surely create a display for your wholesale jewelry that can attract the attention of your potential customers. When it comes to your jewelry store, it’s important to keep your items organized and artistic. With just a clever, well-thought display, you are sure to stand out against your competitors and make your brand become more memorable.

Deciding what kind of necklace display to use will depend on the materials and the theme of the jewelry that you are selling. To give you a little help on deciding how you can create a stunning necklace display, here are some inspirations you can use.

Fashion Jewelry


Instead of sticking with a traditional necklace rack, you can use different items in displaying your jewelry inventory. However, you have to make sure that the way you display your items complement the theme of your products. For wholesale fashion jewelry, for example, you can use big empty bottles to highlight the designs of your fashion pieces. This will bring a little excitement in your store and can create a dreamy mood that can impress anyone who will step inside your store.

On the other hand, if you have a limited space and you want to display different necklaces, you can also use wooden frames with attractive carvings to make it more eye-catchy.

Costume Jewelry


Big and heavy necklaces need to be displayed in such a way that it won’t fall off easily. A medium sized vase can hold heavy costume jewelry and can make your items stand out better. A mannequin jewelry stand can also highlight the designs of costume jewelry without compromising its quality. Make sure to tightly fasten the clasp and locks to keep the costume pieces from falling off its stand.

Evening Jewelry


Dressy jewelry pieces can be displayed by getting a classy bust statue to enhance the femininity and elegance of each jewelry piece. This bust jewelry display can be a center piece in your jewelry store and will surely attract the attention of those who are looking for timeless pieces. If you are selling vintage inspired rings and classy pearls, you can also display it around this interesting piece.

It is important to look for creative way to display your jewelry as it will greatly affect the branding of your business. If you want to stand out against other jewelry store, you should also think of a way to present your items in a more attractive way. The sooner you master the art of visual merchandising, the sooner you will reap its benefits.


2 thoughts on “Ways to Creatively Display Necklace in Your Jewelry Store

  1. You just blew my mind! Thanks so much for sharing this. Displays can be costly. I’ve found plenty of DIY stands that hold up to 50 bracelets, rings & earrings, but the ones for necklaces are few & far between. Thank you!

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