How to Find Jewelry That Fits Your Girl Best Friend

They say diamond is a girl’s best friend. Well, if that’s close enough to being true, you can definitely use it to make your best friend happy on her special day. Anything that is glittery and glamorous can surely brighten up her day so why not include a fabulous pair of dangling earring or statement ring on your birthday present.

However, all ladies differ in taste and preference when it comes to wholesale jewelry they wear. What seems to be lovely for your taste can be a little too much for your friend or what seems to be boring for you can be stunning for others. To help you figure things out, here are some quick tips that you can use next time you purchase jewelry for your best friend.

Jewelry That Fits Your Girl Best Friend

  1. Think of her personality

Because she is your best friend, this task can be a lot easier. Take note of her personal style, her hobbies and the things she loves and incorporate it in your gift. Does she love butterflies? Is she the kind of girl who can look pretty in pearls? Imagine her wearing your choice of jewelry and think if it can bring out the best in her personality.

  1. Check out allergies and metal reaction

It is important to give her something that she can wear as much as possible. So try to secretly ask her about her jewelry and how she reacts about certain metal types so you can have an idea on what to give her. Some girls don’t wear sterling silver because it can sometimes cause darkness around their fingers.

  1. Pair it with her outfit

Did you see her new dress and got some idea on how to accessorize it? Why not buy a couple of wholesale fashion jewelry that she can wear with it? She will definitely thank you later for a job well done on picking up a pair of chandelier earrings or silver necklace that she can wear to her party or dinner dates.

  1. Get a Friendship Ring or Bracelet

Do you sometimes treat her as your sister? Or your cheer leader and counselor? Tell her how much you appreciate her through a silver friendship ring or a bracelet similar to yours. This can be a great way to seal your friendship and make her day more memorable.

With these tips, you can definitely make a special lady extra happier on her day.

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