How to Match You Jewelry with Your Wedding Dress

For a bride, looking for the best gown to wear on her big day is one of the most important parts of her wedding. She has to look the prettiest, be the best looking woman for her groom and to feel good simply because she deserves it. But the thrill doesn’t end in just finding the perfect dress to wear. The more challenging part is looking for the right fashion jewelry that can fit your dress and your personal style like no other.

While it is tempting to wear a lot of gorgeous accessories from your wholesale jewelry store, you must always bear in mind that a bride is at her best when she’s in her simplest form. So to further enlighten you on the topic of how to match the jewelry with your wedding dress, read on because this post will surely help you to look more radiant and beautiful on your day.

Jewelry for Wedding DressMore Beadwork Less Accessories

If you already have a lot of going on with your dress, keep your jewelry simple with dainty yet alluring rose gold diamond earring. This way, your accessories won’t compete with your dress but will complement it perfectly.

Color Matching

A lot of modern bride are skipping the traditional white dress and going for colored ones instead. This is also a great idea and will surely make your wedding more memorable and unique. Make your look more stunning by pairing it with wholesale fashion jewelry in matching color and design for a chic and trendy overall look.

Minimalistic Dress

If you’re wearing structured and minimalistic dress, a fab emerald cut diamonds will look extra chic and elegant on you. Since your gown only says a little about you, you can now express your style on your accessories. Just go for an earring or necklace that doesn’t overpower your dress and you’ll definitely be fine.

Intricate Details

Do you want to wear to a vintage gown that has intricate and exquisite details on the dress? This is perfect if you’re having a classic wedding. Look for a wholesale earring that mimics the detailed embroidery on your gown. If your dress already has a higher neckline, skip the necklace and let your earrings shine along with your dream wedding dress.

Let your hair be your best accessory

As your crowning glory, your hair is definitely one of the most noticeable things on you on your wedding day. Style your hair in such a way that it matches the theme of your wedding dress and wear necklace or earrings accordingly. This will definitely give you a polished and breathtaking look on your day.

When shopping for jewelry to match your wedding dress, it is best to bring with you your mom or maid of honor who can give you an honest to goodness opinion about your looks. While most jewelers can give you a positive feedback, you can surely be confident wearing it if you receive an affirmation from the women that will stand by you on your special day.

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