Be Creatively Stylish with Printed Shoes

Heeled shoes with shoe roses

Heeled shoes with shoe roses (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some shoes aren’t just made to cover our feet. Others are made to give us extra height, a little lift on our backs and an added sway in our every step. But few others are made to add some touch of art and color in our everyday wear. And if a plain white shoe looks boring for your taste, there’s always a pair of shoes that can keep your outfit exciting with its fun artsy print.

Why go printed?

If you’re going to a weekend date with your girlfriends only to find out that most of your favorite tops are all piled up on your laundry, you can always turn to your printed shoes for added style. Animal print, floral or just random cute design on your feet can turn your usual outfit around making you look instantly more dashing.

From chic, to classic, fierce or artsy, printed shoes can add a twist to your everyday wear. Whether you love wearing pumps, boots, sandals or flats, you can always find chic footwear that has a unique print on it.

Let’s go shopping!

Look at your shoe collection? Are you still stuck on the safe side of fashion opting for neutral colors of black, white, brown or grey? Why not go ahead and have a breath of fresh air with fun printed wholesale shoes? Pumps in floral desire look ultra feminine while ankle boots with leopard skin print look totally fierce.

There are few things that you should remember when buying printed footwear. First is that, as much as possible, look for a design that you are most comfortable with. Your high heeled pumps will surely attract more eyes so make sure you can walk with them in the most comfortable way without being self conscious. Next is, of course, comfort. No matter how fashion forward you are, never compromise comfort over fashion so carefully choose which one you should wear on your feet.

Few Wearing Tips!

When wearing fun printed wholesale shoes, the best thing to do is to pair it with solid colored tops and pants. This will let the shoes take all the attention it deserves instead of competing with the details of your outfit. Keep things balanced by wearing the rest of your outfit in complementing colors. Accessorize sparingly like with a pair of dangling earrings and stacked bracelets for more fashionable look.

Ready to grace your own runway? Shop for fun wholesale shoes and style it up the way you want!

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