Jewelry Spotlight: Fashion Rings for Modern Ladies

Fashion savvy ladies are always on the lookout for something fun and creative to complete their outfit. Whether it’s a cute print on a plain top or a colorful design on a pair of leggings, ladies always love wearing things that have unique design or details. Modern women also seek to try new materials, shape or figures to come up with a design to suit their personality and lifestyle.

With the latest modern designs in shoes and bags come the new and unconventional ideas when it comes to wholesale jewelry and accessories. While classic will always be around for formal occasion, the more casual events give room to more creative and contemporary designs when it comes to fashion jewelry. So if you’re going to a party or you just want to have something unique to go with your everyday fashion, take a look at these trendy and modern jewelry pieces to complete your outfit.

Wholesale Stainless Steel Geometric Cube Cocktail RingFirst on our list is the Stainless Geometric Ring. It is made of stainless steel and has a modern twist to the usual cocktail rings. This ring adds a touch of feminine toughness and edginess to anyone’s outfit. Veering away from the modern wholesale gemstone jewelry, this fashion jewelry’s main attraction is its unusual shape and twits. A total attention getter, this fashion ring will surely create a strong first impression to anyone you meet.

Stainless Steel Floral Cutout Cocktail RingWear a piece of art on your finger with Stainless Steel Floral Cutout Rings each time you wear this fashion item from Cerijewelry. The gorgeous stainless ring has whimsically designed floral cutouts that create an artsy look on your finger when worn with casual to semi formal wear. It’s the new take on floral designs without having to look overtly feminine. Instead, it gives a fun modern take on a simple jewelry piece that we used to wear over the weekend.

Rose Gold Slitted Dome RingRose Gold is a hot jewelry trend this season so it’s great to wear something made from this metal. A Rose Gold Slitted Dome Ring has a classic feel on it because of the rose gold tone but the dome design brought a fun design on this overall look.

Stainless Steel Coiled RingStainless Steel Coiled Ring will absolutely stand unique against other usual cocktail ring. With this modern take on this geometric pattern, this ring makes the perfect addition to any wardrobe and jewelry collection. This interesting design features a whimsical coiled spring in the center of the ring that seamlessly transitions into the band of the ring.

Look interesting? These rings are available in different online and offline jewelry store. If you think you’re into something fun and exciting, why not invest on a pair of unconventional ring and create a fashion statement that is so you.

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