Fashion Highlight: Eight Bit Wayfarer Sunglasses

At first you will think it’s just some product of imagination made by people who haven’t gotten over the early days of arcade games but these eight bit wayfarer sunglasses are actually available to delight the youth in you. Remember those times where computer games aren’t as sophisticated as today’s PSP or Ipad? This sunglasses is sure to bring some nostalgic feeling and absolutely fun eyeglass wearing experience.

While this sunglasses is clearly not worn as an eye protection but more on as a fashion statement, these glasses can surely achieved its desire of being noticed by everyone. Once you wear this, be prepared to have different reactions from your friends and coworkers. But as long as you’re having fun and you’re confident enough to wear it, eight bit wayfarer sunglasses is just another sunglasses trend that is cool enough to catch people’s attention.


Eight Bit Wayfarer Sunglasses

This futuristic glasses designed with pixilated effects and got its inspiration from 1980s computerized graphics and video games like Tetris. This is the reason why this sunglasses becomes instantly popular. It inspires some feeling of nostalgia for the most people who were born during the times where computer and internet is just on its way.

However, it is also undeniable that wholesale eight bit wayfarer sunglasses are so cute that young ladies are raving over this popular design. Who won’t love wearing something unique from the usual wayfarer while looking fashionable at the same time! Available in different fun colors, these sunglasses are sure to delight anyone who has high interest on all things cute and unique.

From all the crazy and fun sunglasses frames ideas, this one seems to be the most acceptable as it can be used with prescription clear or color changing lenses and tinted lenses for sunglasses. These sunglasses are sure way to add something fun to your everyday casual wear and will surely look cute especially on ladies.

So if you want to feel like you’re still in a time where video games are cool and retro fashion is still in, go and grab these cute eight bit wayfarer sunglasses. And since this trend is still quite new, the branded ones may be a rip off but just look at different wholesale sunglasses stores online and you will come across a more affordable take on this trend.

What do you think? Does the 8 bit wayfarer have a room in your sunglasses collection?

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