Shop the Trend: Wedge Sneakers

An on going trend in women’s footwear is offering fashion forward ladies the best of both worlds – the comfort of sneakers and the height enhancing effects of heels. Now you can walk in trendy sneakers while still enjoying some added inches in your height. You don’t even have to worry about straining your legs because this trendy footwear gives your feet reliable support and comfort that you can’t find in other high heeled shoes.

Teenagers, young adults, fashion bloggers, and even celebrities are raving about this trend saying how cool and comfortable to wear it especially with a casual weekend wear. If you’re going to look around at different major wholesale shoe stores, you will see dozens of this kind in fun designs and colorful patterns. It’s one of the season’s best sellers and it’s definitely one of the trends that worth giving a try.

Wedge-SneakersHow to Wear this Trend

Summer is all about comfortable wear and fun easy get up, but ladies especially the petite ones can surely use the added height brought by the hidden wedge in this footwear. For a more laid back weekend look, denim shorts and white top is your best bet. Wear a jacket or cardigan to balance the heaviness on your feet and accessories accordingly. Match it with complementing carry all bag and a dark pair of sunglasses for a summer ready look.

Another way to wear it is to pair it with skinny jeans for a smarter casual look. If you want to achieve a fun chic look, wear a darker shade of skinny jeans while wearing light colored wedge sneakers. This way, your shoes can have all the attention they deserve and you can easily impress your friends with your style. If the weather permits, and it’s still somehow chilly in your place, wear a light sweat shirt for a little warmth.

Let’s Shop!

When shopping for wedge sneakers, the first thing you should consider is your personal style. A wedge sneaker is unfortunately not for everyone but if you feel like trying out something new, go and get yourself a new pair. If you’re too busy to make it to the shopping malls, there are online store that sells trendy wholesale shoes in a very affordable price.

Trying out a new trend especially when it comes to fashion is something really exciting. Allow yourself to experience the fun of hidden wedge sneakers and style up your usual summer wear.

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