Protect Your Eyes this summer with Sunglasses


sunglasses (Photo credit: Bohman)

When we think about summer, we all think about wearing hats and putting sun block on our skin before we head out to be beach. But there is another important part of your body that needs the same protection. Before you enjoy the perks of long vacation and out of towns, why not make sure that you and your family have the right protection on your skin and especially on your eyes.

With all the heat, the physical activities and the humidity in the air, eye injury becomes common during summer. Harmful elements that can damage the eyes are more common during the hot season and will affect the health of your family. If you’re going to expose yourself to the sun in long period of time, try to protect your eyes with easy ways.

  1. Wear Sunglasses with UV protection

When people talk about sunglasses, we often think of style and how well it will look good on our face. But choosing the right wholesale sunglasses that will serve its function well will work better for your eyes. Always check for labels that shows the level of UVA or UVB protection that it can give. Make sure that the sunglasses can protect you from all angles and will wrap around your face comfortably.

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Featured Birthstone for July: Ruby Stones

July must be one of the hottest months of the year but people who were born this month are also accompanied with one hot and sizzling birthstone – ruby. This famous birthstone is popular for its dark red color and stunning physical characteristics. In fact, it is one of the most high-valued gemstones that are available in the market. If you were born this freedom month, or know someone with a July birthday, giving a ruby jewelry can be a great idea.

The name “Ruby” comes from Latin word “rubber” which means red and believed to bring good fortune, healing, joy and strength. Aside from that, it is also valued for its beauty and elegance. Because of its red color, it became a very popular stone to be used in wholesale fashion rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants. It is also included in different items such as brooches, tiaras and rosaries. Continue reading

Fun Earrings to Go with Summer Your Outfit

Time to dress up again for your summer getaway! While it’s important to always wear something comfortable when going out for a weekend road trip, we should not forget to keep our outfit stylish so we can still look good while enjoying the best of summer. Is your jewelry collection ready for this season’s best? Why not update it with the latest fashion finds?

The best thing about summer is that you can always get away wearing your most comfortable white top, denim short, and sneakers. This kind of outfit will allow you to move comfortably while enjoying your summer activities. But to keep things fashionable and chic, a couple of fun accessory like a pair of cute earrings can do the trick of adding colors to your outfit.

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Fashion Highlight: Eight Bit Wayfarer Sunglasses

At first you will think it’s just some product of imagination made by people who haven’t gotten over the early days of arcade games but these eight bit wayfarer sunglasses are actually available to delight the youth in you. Remember those times where computer games aren’t as sophisticated as today’s PSP or Ipad? This sunglasses is sure to bring some nostalgic feeling and absolutely fun eyeglass wearing experience.

While this sunglasses is clearly not worn as an eye protection but more on as a fashion statement, these glasses can surely achieved its desire of being noticed by everyone. Once you wear this, be prepared to have different reactions from your friends and coworkers. But as long as you’re having fun and you’re confident enough to wear it, eight bit wayfarer sunglasses is just another sunglasses trend that is cool enough to catch people’s attention. Continue reading

5 Sunglasses Design for Chic and Trendy Ladies

Sunglasses for most guys often look the same. Most of the time, it is wayfarer, aviator or sports sunglasses for them. But we ladies are different. We love to keep our things stylish and we always find a way to express our personality in what we wear. With us, there will be no boring fashion item; just some cute, chic, trendy and fashion forward sunglasses.

If you’re going to look around, you will see famous celebrities and personalities who were able to go as outrageous and as adventurous when it comes to their sunglasses. No matter how over the edge these accessories can become sometimes, there is no doubt about their confidence and boldness when it comes to how they wear it.

Fortunately for us ladies, some of the cutest sunglasses they wear are available in the market. If you think you’re fashion savvy enough, why not try this interesting fashionable items from this list on your next weekend getaway.

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Shop the Trend: Wedge Sneakers

An on going trend in women’s footwear is offering fashion forward ladies the best of both worlds – the comfort of sneakers and the height enhancing effects of heels. Now you can walk in trendy sneakers while still enjoying some added inches in your height. You don’t even have to worry about straining your legs because this trendy footwear gives your feet reliable support and comfort that you can’t find in other high heeled shoes.

Teenagers, young adults, fashion bloggers, and even celebrities are raving about this trend saying how cool and comfortable to wear it especially with a casual weekend wear. If you’re going to look around at different major wholesale shoe stores, you will see dozens of this kind in fun designs and colorful patterns. It’s one of the season’s best sellers and it’s definitely one of the trends that worth giving a try. Continue reading

Never Go Out of Style with These Trendy Low Heels

Your sky high heeled shoes as well as your feet can take a rest this year as low heeled shoes takes center stage. No need to keep yourself from wincing while wearing high heels or trying to keep your balance while walking around the work or shopping malls. These shoes can give you the most comfort compared to other women’s footwear.

If you think that low heels shoes lack the style and excitement that high heeled shoes have, you need not to worry because this year’s trend still has a lot of exciting styles when it come to low heeled pumps or sandals. Kitten heels are back on the hot spot together with block heeled shoes. This footwear makes the trip to shopping malls or office a lot easier without compromising style and fashion. Continue reading