How to Properly Light a Jewelry Store

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any jewelry store design. Although it is often the most neglected part of display and interior design for most stores, proper lighting can give better emphasis on your wholesale fashion jewelry. It will also boost sales and revenue by letting your jewelry take the spotlight.

When thinking about your store display, it is important to consider the location, the materials, the kind of light source you need and the color of the light that you will use to highlight your jewelry products. This way, it can capture the attention of the right people plus your customers can have a closer look at your jewelry inventory any time of the day.

Jewelry store in Italy

Jewelry store in Italy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lighting for different types of jewelry

Different gemstones and metals react differently to particular sources of lighting. With this being considered, decide on what jewelry products you want to highlight or give emphasis. Look at the different kinds of stone that you’re using for your business and how it reacts to different sources of light. If you’re selling diamonds, it is appropriate to use more light to make it shine and sparkle.

Lighting for your jewelry display

The best lighting for jewelry comes from above and inside the jewelry display case. This will ensure that your inventory will look good as you display it and as you take it out of the case to allow your customers a closer look. Place a light source in such a way that it will not cast shadows on your display when your customers are in front of your showcase.

Color and location of lights

A combination of different types of lighting in various locations inside your store will make your jewelry display look good and attractive for customers. Place sufficient light on your jewelry counter so buyers can take a look at your display properly.

It is also useful to decide on the light color that will be used for your jewelry store. You should take note that the color of light changes as temperature changes. Temperature of less than 3000 Kelvin produces light that is reddish or “warm” in appearance while 3400 to 4500 Kelvin is white or neutral in appearance. Temperature that is greater than 4600 K produces light that is slightly bluish or “cool” for the eyes.

As a general rule, the temperature inside your display case should be around 3000 K to 3500 K. This will give out a clear lighting for your jewelry inventory.

Although lighting is often viewed as an added expense for jewelers, it should be seen as a long term investment for your business, instead. Strengthen your business image by installing proper lighting inside your store. Attract more customers by giving them a better look at your jewelry and letting them see the details that they need to see before they make a purchase.

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