How to Pack Your Shoes When Traveling

Now that the day of your scheduled summer vacation is getting near, it’s now time to pack your things and get ready for some adventure. Whether you’re going solo or taking a five day vacation with the whole family, it’s important to pack everything you need without having to bring the whole house with you.

One of the things that you should not forget when traveling is a reliable pair of shoes. Depending on your destination, you must pick a pair that will make your travel more memorable and comfortable. But how can you pack big, heavy and space consuming shoes without messing up your baggage? Here are some simple tips you can try.

How many shoes does one girl need?

How many shoes does one girl need? (Photo credit: Terriko)

Plan your outfit

Check your itinerary and think of what kind of shoes can do well with your activities. If you’re planning for some outdoor fun, check out wholesale women’s shoe store for some hiking boots or rubber shoes to protect your feet. If you’re also going to attend a wedding or a formal event while on vacation, you can bring at least a pair of evening sandals or pumps.

Choose your bag carefully

Having a bag that is too small to accommodate all your things can be really disappointing. Don’t just stuff your things inside your bag. Invest on a bag that has enough space to make room for your three day travel essentials. To keep the quality of your dress shoes, make sure to have a compartment that can protect your shoes from deforming.

Prepare your shoes

Shine your leather shoes, check sandals for loose clasp or damaged soles and bring it to cobbler when necessary. This way you can surely save yourself from wearing a broken shoe, or buying new shoes just to replace your broken one.

Don’t over do it

I know it’s nice to bring your favorite pairs of boots and other killer heels but packing for travel means you need to narrow down your choices to at least two to three pairs of shoes. Resist the urge to bring your big and heavy wholesale boots and grab a pair of light weight sneakers or sandals. Choose the kind of shoes that goes well with most of your outfits. A pair of sneakers, slippers, and high heeled sandals should be enough to cover most of your day.

I hope these tips can guide you on your packing for that summer getaway. Do you have any shoe packing tip that makes life a little easier for our travel savvy friends? Share your thoughts!

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