Highlight Your Store’s Summer Shoes with Flair!

As we transition from spring to summer, customers will be on the rise to buy the footwear they’re going to pair with their latest summer pieces. If you are a shoe store owner, this will be a great opportunity for you to showcase your collection and hopefully attract more customers into buying wholesale shoes from your store.

However, a lot of other women’s shoe stores in your area have also realized this opportunity and are doing everything they can to make more sales as much as you do. Now the challenge is how you can make your summer display more attractive that you get an upper hand on the competition and get more market share this season.

flip flops

flip flops (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Make it Fresh

Remember how you did your summer display last year? If you decided to do a beach theme the previous year, try to outdo it by having a different design. Create a display that stands out from your previous designs so your customers can experience something fresh in your shoe store. Look at the display of other popular wholesale shoe store within your area and look at what they are doing to present their summer product.

Play with colors

Summer shoes are typically colorful and bold. Use the colors of the different women’s footwear to create a hue that is fun, energetic and vibrant. Make sure to use a backdrop that is in neutral colors so your display will still look neat and uncluttered. You can also choose to keep other items in your store complement the style and colors of your display to create a more summer ready feeling inside your store.

Use Signs and Symbols

Think of a sign or a symbol that will always remind you of summer, vacation, road trip or just any kind of leisure. Fill your store with random things that will remind your customers about how much they love this season and how they dreamed of wearing fashionable women’s shoes on their way to a dream vacation.

Flip Flops, Sandals, Pumps

Stock up a lot of summer items like sandals and flip flops. You can also buy wholesale sneakers or espadrille wedges for a more comfortable footwear. This will perfectly fit the active lifestyle of your customers and the adventures they want to take this summer season.

Summer is all about fun and taking a break. Treat your costumers into a summer getaway every time they step into your shoe store. Break the monotony and enjoy the colors of summer create a happy vibe inside your own shoe store.

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