How to Pick the Perfect Shoes to Bring on Your Summer Vacation

So what we’ve been waiting for is finally here! The sun is shining most of the day and the weather is getting all warmed up. If you’re planning to go and have some vacation with friends or family, this is the perfect time to do so.

Wherever you plan to go this summer, it is important that you bring with you the most important things that will make your travel comfortable, exciting, safe and definitely memorable. If you’ve already decided where to go but don’t know yet what to bring, let me at least give you a guide on how to pick something really important when traveling – shoes.


Shoes (Photo credit: MiriamBJDolls)

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Fashion Jewelry for Evening Dates and other events

The night is a perfect time to let your fashion jewelry shine and dazzle everyone with your irresistible charm. Draw attention to your face with statement earrings or adorn your delicate hands with diamonds that can surely add beauty and glamour to your outfit. Stand out in any formal events or look stunning on an evening date with your choice of fashion jewelry.

If you think that looking glamorous with finest accessories is expensive, try looking for affordable wholesale jewelry pieces that can look as glamorous as the real ones. With just the right jewelry pieces, looking exquisite doesn’t need to be very expensive. Continue reading

How to Properly Light a Jewelry Store

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any jewelry store design. Although it is often the most neglected part of display and interior design for most stores, proper lighting can give better emphasis on your wholesale fashion jewelry. It will also boost sales and revenue by letting your jewelry take the spotlight.

When thinking about your store display, it is important to consider the location, the materials, the kind of light source you need and the color of the light that you will use to highlight your jewelry products. This way, it can capture the attention of the right people plus your customers can have a closer look at your jewelry inventory any time of the day. Continue reading

How to Pack Your Shoes When Traveling

Now that the day of your scheduled summer vacation is getting near, it’s now time to pack your things and get ready for some adventure. Whether you’re going solo or taking a five day vacation with the whole family, it’s important to pack everything you need without having to bring the whole house with you.

One of the things that you should not forget when traveling is a reliable pair of shoes. Depending on your destination, you must pick a pair that will make your travel more memorable and comfortable. But how can you pack big, heavy and space consuming shoes without messing up your baggage? Here are some simple tips you can try. Continue reading

Highlight Your Store’s Summer Shoes with Flair!

As we transition from spring to summer, customers will be on the rise to buy the footwear they’re going to pair with their latest summer pieces. If you are a shoe store owner, this will be a great opportunity for you to showcase your collection and hopefully attract more customers into buying wholesale shoes from your store.

However, a lot of other women’s shoe stores in your area have also realized this opportunity and are doing everything they can to make more sales as much as you do. Now the challenge is how you can make your summer display more attractive that you get an upper hand on the competition and get more market share this season. Continue reading